Jericho Reservoir



Jericho Reservoir Jericho Reservoir <div class="ExternalClassCF2141C3A77D494BAB5FEE857CB6D45F"><p>Metro Vancouver provides clean, safe drinking water for over 2.4 million residents in the region. Operating our vast drinking water system with a growing population requires constant upgrades, improvements, maintenance and expansion.</p><p> To meet the growing demand for drinking water in communities south of the Fraser River, Metro Vancouver needs to construct a new, above-ground reservoir at 20400 – 73A Avenue in the Township of Langley. </p><p>The first phase of construction is expected to start in fall 2017 and last for approximately two years. Phase 1 of the project will include:</p><ul><li>An above-ground reservoir </li><li>One above-ground valve chamber and three underground valve chambers </li><li>Piping that will connect to the existing water mains in the area </li></ul><p>Phase 2 of the project is expected to take place in approximately 2040. </p><p>The reservoir project will be designed to enhance the existing site with landscaped areas and interpretive space. As part of the plans, the Township of Langley and Metro Vancouver are working together to develop the proposed Smith View Park on the same property. </p></div>20400 – 73A Avenue in the Township of Langley



Jericho Water Reservoir Project Location Water Reservoir Project Location
Jericho Water Reservoir Site Plan Water Reservoir Site Plan

Across the region, Metro Vancouver owns and operates over 20 in-system water storage reservoirs.  Find out more about our in-system reservoirs here.



2018 – 2020



Jericho Water Reservoir Fact Sheet - September 2018 Water Reservoir Fact Sheet - September 2018
Jericho Open House Panels - May 19, 2016 Open House Panels - May 19, 2016



<div class="ExternalClass5A798E22436B407D9BB6BC1257030E5B"><p><strong>Mon. to Fri. (8 am – 4:30 pm)<br></strong><strong>Call: <br></strong>Metro Vancouver Information Centre 604-432-6200 </p><p><strong>After-Hours Emergencies:</strong> <br>604-451-6610 </p><p> <strong>Email:</strong><br> <a href="mailto:[email protected]?subject=Angus Main"> Information Centre</a></p></div>

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