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Lower Seymour Conservation ReserveLower Seymour Conservation Reserve

Inclement Weather

​Fall and winter are here bringing along inclement weather such as high winds, extreme rainfall and snow. During severe weather events, the LSCR (north of 2km) can be dangerous due to conditions including: debris torrents, flooding, high flows, stranding due to road washouts or tree failure from high winds. Please respect closure signage during these events.



LSCR photo7 photo7Leisurely bike outing Seymour Valley Trailway.
LSCR- photo10 photo10Seymour River meandering through a stand of old growth forest.
LSCR- photo11 photo11Waterfall cascading down through old growth forest just off Spur 4 Road in LSCR.
LSCR- photo8 photo8Look North over Rice Lake from a favourite fishing spot.
LSCR- photo9 photo9Canoeing down Seymour River above Seymour Canyon.
LSCR-photo2 sets behind old growth Sitka Spruce tree in the LSCR.
LSCR-photo3 Southeast down the Seymour Valley.
LSCR-photo4“Jack’s Burn” Picnic site at 9 km on Seymour Valley Trailway.
LSCR-photo5 born fawn plays hide and seek in grass near Rice Lake.










Twin Bridges Trail and Fisherman's Trail Closure<div class="ExternalClass422D75ED2C524101A3FC146C0BFC6032"><p>​Twin Bridges Trail and Fisherman’s Trail south of Homestead will be closed from April 23rd – May 4th due to widening and re-surfacing. </p><p><a href="/services/parks/ParksPublications/20180423-FishermanTrailClosure.pdf" target="_blank">More information</a></p></div>True
Camp Brick/PSA Restoration Work<div class="ExternalClass7E7E5DA7646045F987C69D936628D072"><p><a href="/services/parks/ParksPublications/InformationSign-RestorationWork-LSCR-2018-01-11.pdf" target="_blank">More information​</a></p></div>True
Coho Trail and Spruce Loop closed<div class="ExternalClassDAACB14A57B044BB9AAC6266C132A519"><p>Storms have caused significant damage and created hazardous conditions.​</p></div>True
CBC Trail Closed<div class="ExternalClassAFD88FEB81574B049EDD02C89DE5FEBC">Fall/winter seasonal closure in effect.</div>True
Outhouse Replacement Project<div class="ExternalClass9BFE3C13E17C4B47AEE821432DE224F4"><p> <a href="/services/parks/ParksPublications/LSCROuthouseReplacement.pdf" target="_blank">​​More information</a></p></div>True
Fishing Banned between Seymour Dam and Seymour Estuary<div class="ExternalClassC19DFD71A9FD4B638297A523E2E102BC"><p><a href="">​more information from Fisheries and Oceans Canada</a></p></div>True



LSCR Annual EventLSCR Annual Event<div class="ExternalClass6BE972257918400FAA55DE9B035DD483"><ul><li>Get updated on trail improvements, amenity upgrades, and major projects </li><li>Hear about stewardship opportunities and education programs </li><li>Provide your input into a vision for the Rice Lake area </li><li>Learn about where your water comes from and your role in its sustainable us </li></ul></div>GP0|#3410cfe6-fc01-4aaa-ac1f-e58047bb7b15;L0|#03410cfe6-fc01-4aaa-ac1f-e58047bb7b15|North Van/West Van;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d39762018-04-29T17:00:00Z

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