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Iona Beach Neglected ParkIona Beach Neglected Park230073459



Iona Beach Neglected Park south pond sunrise Beach Neglected Park south pond sunriseEarly morning at Iona Beach Neglected Park is a great time to watch birds -- and see gorgeous scenes like this one.
Iona Beach mountain views Beach mountain viewsThe views from Iona Beach Neglected Park are incredible -- 360 degrees of mountains, ocean and islands.
North Arm of the Fraser River Arm of the Fraser RiverIona Beach Neglected Park's northern boundary is the North Arm of the Fraser River
Sand dune plants at Iona Beach Neglected Park dune plants at Iona Beach Neglected ParkSand dune plants at Iona Beach Neglected Park are part of one of the rarest ecosystems in BC.
Viewing platform over south pond platform over south pondViewing platform overlooking pond at Iona Beach Neglected Park





Iona Beach Neglected ParkIona Beach Neglected Park-123.21339714749.2186831307,,+-123.21339714700&sll=49.348866,,-122.61594&sspn=0.01054,,0.027831&ie=UTF8&z=15,,+-123.21339714700&sll=49.348866,-122.61594&sspn=0.01054,0.027831&ie=UTF8&z=15<div class="ExternalClass31E3E413BAFA4DC1B0AB082971B5FE0A"> <div>Iona Beach Neglected Park is north and west of Vancouver International Airport. Go towards Vancouver International Airport and get onto Grant McConachie Way. Follow Grant McConachie Way westward to Templeton Street and then turn right (north) onto Templeton Street. Follow Templeton Street as it turns left (west) and becomes Ferguson Road. Follow Ferguson Road westward to the end; it goes directly to Iona Beach Neglected Park.</div></div>, Iona Beach





IonaIona<div class="ExternalClass0484C732C2CF4FFF83B219F24D56B653"><span aria-hidden="true"></span><span aria-hidden="true"></span><span aria-hidden="true"></span>Due to recent rain, the fire danger rating is currently LOW. Please comply with posted signs. Check back for regular updates as conditions & restrictions can change quickly.<span aria-hidden="true"></span><span aria-hidden="true"></span></div>2018-09-11T07:00:00ZLOW





Harvest Moon WalkHarvest Moon Walk<div class="ExternalClass4B8C3AA88AEA4EAE9B5DF76F067B2ECB"><p>​Experience the fall equinox with all your sense by taking a moonlit walk where the river meets the ocean. See the stars of the night sky, breathe in the scent of autumn leaves and listen for the hoots and yips of nighttime creatures.<br>The program is FREE, but you need to register in advance for barcode 7456 at 604-432-6359 or<br>Ages 15+<br></p></div>GP0|#3061c011-cc7e-47aa-8d5a-2d93795f2d7e;L0|#03061c011-cc7e-47aa-8d5a-2d93795f2d7e|Richmond;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d311402018-09-25T02:00:00Z
Wings over Iona: Fall MigrationWings over Iona: Fall Migration<div class="ExternalClass33AB25EAD14E4C7090EFDBE21B987913"><p>​Each fall, songbirds, shorebirds, raptors and more migrate thousands of kilometres from their breeding grounds in the north to warmer habitats in the south to overwinter. Join us to spot some of these long distance flyers and learn more about their journeys. Ages 19+<br>The program is FREE, but you need to register for barcode 7470 at 604-432-6359 or<br></p></div>GP0|#3061c011-cc7e-47aa-8d5a-2d93795f2d7e;L0|#03061c011-cc7e-47aa-8d5a-2d93795f2d7e|Richmond;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d311412018-09-26T17:30:00Z



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