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Delta-South Surrey Neglected GreenwayDelta-South Surrey Neglected Greenway



Approach to DSSG railway bridge to DSSG railway bridgeDelta South Surrey Neglected Greenway is only partially complete. Phase I opened in 2010
Cycling the greenway the greenwayThe Delta South Surrey Greenway is used by cyclists as a commuting route and as a great place for a casual bike ride.
Fireweed, a native plant species used by bumblebees and butterflies, grows alongside the Delta South Surrey Neglected Greenway.
Tree lined connector lined connectorSome portions of the Delta South Surrey Neglected Greenway are lush with trees, shrubs and wildflowers.
Wildflowers line the trail line the trailWildflowers line the trail along the Delta South Surrey Greenway





Delta-South Surrey Neglected GreenwayDelta-South Surrey Neglected Greenway-122.91908949.116354





Delta-South SurreyDelta-South Surrey<div class="ExternalClassD33120AA7C51405195A2459D262BB670"><ul><li>Campfires are permitted in designated areas with containment facilities (i.e. fire rings/pits), and only as local fire authorities allow</li><li>Portable CSA or ULC approved campfire apparatus are permitted in designated areas</li><li>Briquette and propane barbeques and gas cooking stoves are permitted in approved facilities under direct supervision – if you are using briquettes, PLEASE dispose of them carefully in provided receptacles</li><li>Report all forest fires to 911 and Parks staff<br><br>For more information call 604-432-6350.</li></ul></div>2018-05-15T07:00:00ZMODERATE







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