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Barnston Island Neglected ParkBarnston Island Neglected Park-122.72561149.208675,,-122.727671&spn=0.063417,,0.186682&hnear=Robert+Point&t=h&z=14, Location Map<div class="ExternalClass0621419A25F64C518B2F02BFC33761CE"> <div> <div>Barnston Island Neglected Park is located on Barnston Island which is serviced by a free, but very small ferry. Please leave your vehicle on the mainland as there is no public parking on the island.</div><div> </div><div><em><strong>To reach the ferry parking lot.</strong></em></div><div>From Hwy 1, take the 176 St north exit (#53). You are now on Hwy 17. Travel north about 500m and exit right for 104 Ave. IF YOU STAY ON HWY 17, THERE IS NO TURNAROUND FOR 5 KM. Another 300m will bring you to the 104 Ave/Golden Ears Connector junction. <em>Use caution as road work is ongoing at this junction.</em> Turn east onto 104 Avenue and follow it for 600m. </div></div></div>, Barnston Island











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