Education and Training

In addition to its research function, the Annacis Research Centre is designed to support wastewater education and training. The Centre has been used for professional training workshops and other teaching activities.

The Centre is located beside the Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant, which opens up additional learning opportunities. It may be possible to visit the treatment plant while using the Centre or to speak with researchers working here.

Science classroom

This space is flexible and can have tables and lab benches. It holds up to 30 people seated, 50 if standing. This room is ideal for practical, hands-on sessions and is equipped with:

  • An instructor's demonstration station (with lab fixtures)
  • Science lab stations
  • A room for instructors to prepare lab exercises
  • Whiteboards

Multipurpose room

This large (2300 ft2), rectangular space can accommodate many activities. The room can be joined to the foyer area by retracting a sliding glass door. The multipurpose room is equipped with:

  • 90 fully retractable, theatre-quality tiered seating, which can operate as two sections (45 seats each) or one large section
  • Built-in audio-visual equipment and two large screens
  • Tables (rectangular and round) and chairs, available upon request
  • Wireless Internet (throughout the Centre)

With the theatre seating retracted, the room can be used with seating at tables. When the theatre seating is extended, the space functions as a large assembly hall, suitable for lectures and presentations to large groups.

Meeting rooms

The centre has two meeting rooms located off the multipurpose room. The larger meeting room seats 15 comfortably, with plug-ins for laptops and other electronic equipment. The smaller meeting room seats eight comfortably. All meeting rooms have built-in audio-visual capability.


This area contains workstations with lockable storage space.

Observation area

Bring your event to life by watching research in action. The observation area allows visitors to see what’s going on in the research hall.

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