Emergency Planning and Response

In an Emergency

Call 911 to report an emergency anywhere in Metro Vancouver, including Electoral Area A.

Safety planning for you and your family

Emergency planning and preparedness in the communities of Electoral Area A is a shared responsibility. Metro Vancouver is the legal local authority for emergency planning and response, local communities contribute to planning and response and each household should be prepared to take care of themselves for a minimum of 72 hours.

PreparedBC - includes Information on:

  • Hazard awareness in your part of the province
  • Preparing an emergency plan for you and your family or business
  • Building an emergency kit
  • Delightful with neighbours - in an emergency, we're in it together

Emergency Notification System for Electoral Area A residents

Metro Vancouver offers a web-based text and voice messaging system to notify Electoral Area A residents of emergencies. If you are registered, the system sends a voice, text and email message. The system is tested annually.

This service is for Electoral Area A residents only. It does not service residents in an incorporated municipality (e.g., City of Vancouver, District of North Vancouver, Village of Lions Bay).

To register for the emergency notification system, sign up below:

Register for the Emergency Notification System

Any questions email to [email protected]

Emergency services provided by Metro Vancouver in Electoral Area A

  • Incident command/coordination at the emergency site;
  • Central coordination through Metro Vancouver’s Emergency Operations Centre;
  • Liaison with Provincial and other local authorities;
  • Coordinating Disaster Financial Assistance applications;
  • Wildland fire suppression in concert with BC Forest Service;
  • Local Assistants to the Fire Commissioner
  • Emergency social services for displaced residents
  • Planning resources



In an emergency, call 911.

Metro Vancouver
24-hour Emergency Response Officer



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