Industrial Land Use key performance measure

Metro Vancouver monitors the ways in which industrial lands are being used in the region, as well as the degree of utilization. The Metro Vancouver 2015 Industrial Lands Inventory identified 10,334 hectares of land with a Metro 2040 Industrial or Mixed Employment designation.
Metro 2040 vision
Metro 2040 aims to ensure sufficient lands for industrial activities and capacity to meet the needs of a growing and diverse economy.

2015 Industrial Lands Inventory

Metro 2040 Industrial and Mixed Employment Lands

8,198 hectares

of these lands were considered developed.

2,137 hectares

of these lands were considered vacant.

'Developed' lands are those with industrial and quasi-industrial uses. They also include lands with some non-industrial uses that are building intensive and not likely to redevelop to industrial uses.

'Vacant' includes lands that are totally vacant, as well as lands that have non-industrial uses that are likely to (re)develop to industrial uses. Specifically, these include lands that are municipally designated industrial, but currently are used for agriculture, residential, or resource extraction.

Other resourses

May not be on track
The region’s industrial land base is increasingly constrained. Over three quarters of lands with an Industrial and Mixed Employment regional land use designation are utilized for industrial purposes. However, there remains a notable amount of non-industrial uses, such as stand-alone retail and commercial uses.