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​Metro Vancouver will begin engaging with the public and other stakeholders next month on its proposed Climate 2050 Strategy, which is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for the unavoidable effects of global warming.The strategy, to be developed throughout 2018 in collaboration with municipalities, residents, the business community, academic institutions, First Nations and other community partners, is intended to apply a "climate lens" to policies and initiatives across the region and support the transition to a low-carbon future to safeguard the health, well-being and prosperity of Metro Vancouver residents.  "Climate change is already affecting our region in profound ways, with hotter, drier summers and extremely wet winters that are only expected to get more intense," said Derek Corrigan, Chair of Metro Vancouver's Climate Action Committee. "We can't afford to ignore the signs. This strategy will help us get on top of the issue and make real change before it's too late."Cities and regional governments are at the forefront of climate change, because most of the infrastructure people depend on for their daily lives is under local and regional responsibility. "Metro Vancouver is well positioned to be an accelerator of climate action and we are already pursuing innovative ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while investing in the resilience of our assets and infrastructure," said Metro Vancouver Board Chair Greg Moore. "Meeting this challenge requires bold leadership, creative thinking, and extensive collaboration."Stakeholders and the general public will have the opportunity to give feedback on a Climate 2050 Discussion Paper, which proposes priority areas for climate action for the region, until June 30. They can also attend public events, which will be listed on the Metro Vancouver website (search 'Climate 2050') and will be promoted through social media.  The draft Climate 2050 Strategic Plan is anticipated to be brought to Metro Vancouver's Climate Action Committee and the Board in September 2018.