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Skateboard, Scooter, and Bike Riders!Skateboard, Scooter, and Bike Riders!<div class="ExternalClass74456C3ADCAD4B0682E6CAEB3E456F78"><p>​Grab your skateboard, scooter or bike and head to the Surrey Rides Event Series. From May 5 to September 8, at Youth Parks throughout Surrey, riders 21 years of age and under collect points in each competition.</p></div>GP0|#3aaf5dc1-45ba-4cce-98d9-c4fc4448f597;L0|#03aaf5dc1-45ba-4cce-98d9-c4fc4448f597|Surrey;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d32018-09-08T15:00:00Z[email protected]KathyBornemanFraser Heights Youth ParkTrue, 160th street <div class="ExternalClass157F3BB6E44F43F29312308B74513597"><p>​Those with the most points will compete in the Finals. Stop by to enjoy a live DJ, BBQ and the impressive skills and energy these young riders bring. <br> </p></div>