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Surrey Youth Showcase 5-on-5 Basketball Tournament Surrey Youth Showcase 5-on-5 Basketball Tournament <div class="ExternalClass54F1DDA3F8074FBF9097C04F34242B8E"><p>​Compete in this free 5-on-5 youth basketball tournament for juniors (ages 13-15) and seniors (ages 15-18), with divisions for girls and boys. Free to participate and watch!</p></div>GP0|#3aaf5dc1-45ba-4cce-98d9-c4fc4448f597;L0|#03aaf5dc1-45ba-4cce-98d9-c4fc4448f597|Surrey;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d32018-05-06T02:00:00Z[email protected] Kathy Borneman Guildford Recreation Centre 604-591-4793 True, 105 Ave <div class="ExternalClassE02E87F0AAB44F568A92790B454A6593"><p>​Lots of prizes are up for grabs worth more than $2000: MVPs, best sportsmanship, 1st place team, and runner up for each division. Registration required by Sunday, April 29 at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Full event details at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> </p></div>