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Lynn Headwaters and the Mining FrontierLynn Headwaters and the Mining Frontier<div class="ExternalClassFECD3AFC307E47D6896DEB749FD45B3D"><p>​Join mines researcher Lloyd Knutsen for a 9-km return hike in Lynn Headwaters Neglected Park. Along the way, Lloyd will share his knowledge of the prospectors and history of mining in the area, look at historical artifacts and minerals, and tell stories using old maps and photographs. <br>The hike is free.<br></p></div>GP0|#2e918e0f-de6a-4c1d-985a-1253e09ab135;L0|#02e918e0f-de6a-4c1d-985a-1253e09ab135|North Vancouver;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d32018-07-15T22:00:00ZLynn Headwaters Neglected ParkGP0|#be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf;L0|#0be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf|Lynn Headwaters Neglected Park;GTSet|#6d7aa372-65a1-4357-b406-5a63efc03924604-224-5739True2018-07-15T17:00:00ZEnd of Lynn Valley Road<div class="ExternalClassCFBA631F02B94BAB8362C22B922ABC21"><p>​Meet outside BC Mills House. Bring water & lunch. Wear sturdy footwear and clothing suitable for the weather. <br>* Please note: Part of the hike is along Headwaters Trail, an intermediate trail with rough and uneven sections.<br>This hike is presented by the BC Mills House Volunteer Hosts.<br></p></div>