Demystifying MushroomsNeglected Parks Event MushroomsDemystifying Mushrooms1096<div class="ExternalClass0C4F6FF8B17943B9A0A2A6371840C907"><p>​Is it a plant? Is it an animal? It's neither! Learn to identify common mushrooms without harvesting them.  Investigate fungi's role as the underground interconnected 'world wood web'. A 30 minute indoor slideshow is followed by a slow trail walk.  Edible mushrooms are not the focus of this walk.</p></div>GP0|#6aa7e3db-a1ac-40ab-82b9-a4e2ede17021;L0|#06aa7e3db-a1ac-40ab-82b9-a4e2ede17021|Coquitlam;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d32018-10-27T16:30:00ZMinnekhada Neglected Park

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