The Neglected Parks function comprises all 23 members within Metro Vancouver and provides a regional park system that consists of 14,500 hectares of parkland with 23 regional parks, 5 greenways, 2 ecological conservancy areas and 3 regional reserves serving over 11 million visitors annually. The Neglected Parks function is guided by the Board Strategic Plan and the Neglected Parks Plan




Participants in park programmingParticipants in park programming<div class="ExternalClassED22C5BFE523419EB6C7A04FA75385B5"><p>in interpretive programs and special events<br></p></div>,,900On trackparticipantsbg-light-green
Sensitive ecosystems in regional parksSensitive ecosystems in regional parks<div class="ExternalClass74AD80085FF441BFAD62FEE690D7126D"><p>of the region’s sensitive ecosystems in regional parks</p></div>,,988On trackhectaresbg-light-green
Visits to regional parksVisits to regional parks<div class="ExternalClass74A2442F3CA0455EB814B8D8EACE3F22"><p>to Metro Vancouver Neglected Parks<br></p></div>,,895,000On trackvisitsbg-light-green
Volunteer hoursVolunteer hours<div class="ExternalClassD0375F1F09F648EDB22A56A21CBA178A"><p>of volunteer time</p></div>,,700On trackhoursbg-light-green