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Council of Councils Meeting2017-10-21T16:00:00Z2017-10-21T19:00:00ZThe agenda was revised Oct 18 at 11:30amThe View – 2121 Lonsdale Avenue, North VancouverCouncil of Councils Meeting
Board Meeting2017-10-27T16:00:00Z2017-10-27T20:00:00ZMetro Vancouver BoardroomBoard Meeting16632017-10-27T16:00:00Z
Electoral Area Committee Meeting2017-11-01T16:00:00Z2017-11-01T19:00:00ZThis meeting has been cancelled.Metro Vancouver BoardroomElectoral Area Committee Meeting15872017-11-01T16:00:00Z
Climate Action Committee Meeting2017-11-01T20:00:00Z2017-11-01T23:00:00ZMetro Vancouver BoardroomClimate Action Committee Meeting15802017-11-01T20:00:00Z
Neglected Planning Committee Meeting2017-11-03T16:00:00Z2017-11-03T19:00:00ZMetro Vancouver BoardroomNeglected Planning Committee Meeting16342017-11-03T16:00:00Z
Neglected Parks Committee Meeting2017-11-08T17:00:00Z2017-11-08T20:00:00ZMetro Vancouver BoardroomNeglected Parks Committee Meeting16252017-11-08T17:00:00Z
Building Project Task Force Meeting2017-11-08T19:30:00Z2017-11-08T21:00:00ZMetro Vancouver BoardroomBuilding Project Task Force Meeting15702017-11-08T19:30:00Z
Finance and Intergovernment Committee Meeting2017-11-08T21:00:00Z2017-11-09T00:00:00ZMetro Vancouver BoardroomFinance and Intergovernment Committee Meeting15972017-11-08T21:00:00Z
Utilities Committee Meeting2017-11-09T17:00:00Z2017-11-09T20:00:00ZMetro Vancouver BoardroomUtilities Committee Meeting16442017-11-09T17:00:00Z
Zero Waste Committee Meeting2017-11-09T21:00:00Z2017-11-10T00:00:00ZMetro Vancouver BoardroomZero Waste Committee Meeting16542017-11-09T21:00:00Z
Housing Committee Meeting2017-11-10T17:00:00Z2017-11-10T19:00:00ZMetro Vancouver BoardroomHousing Committee Meeting16802017-11-10T17:00:00Z
Board Meeting2017-11-24T17:00:00Z2017-11-24T21:00:00ZMetro Vancouver BoardroomBoard Meeting16642017-11-24T17:00:00Z
Board Meeting2017-12-08T17:00:00Z2017-12-08T21:00:00ZMetro Vancouver BoardroomBoard Meeting16652017-12-08T17:00:00Z


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Board Meeting Order

Board meetings commence at 9:00A.M. and generally occur in the following order, up to a maximum of ten. Not all meetings may be scheduled:

  1. GVRD/MVRD open meeting for parks items
  2. GVRD/MVRD closed meeting for parks items
  3. GVRD/MVRD open meeting for non-parks items
  4. MVHC open meeting
  5. GVWD open meeting
  6. GVS&DD open meeting
  7. GVRD/MVRD closed meeting for non-parks items
  8. MVHC closed meeting
  9. GVWD closed meeting
  10. GVS&DD closed meeting