Legal & Legislative departure Department

    We provide support to the Metro Vancouver entities and the region in the areas of environmental regulation, board and information services, and First Nation relations.

 We Work On

  • Environmental Regulatory & Enforcement departure

    We support the region’s IAQGGMP by issuing air quality permits, promoting compliance with air quality bylaws and enforcement of those bylaws. We also develop and issue permits for businesses that discharge materials into the liquid waste stream, ensuring they operate in compliance with regulations such as our grease discharge bylaw. We also issue licences and operating certificates for regional solid waste facilities.
  • Legal departure

    ​We provide the Metro Vancouver entities with legal advice and legal support in their various undertakings. This includes the provision of legal advice to Metro Vancouver Boards and officers on issues related to contract development and interpretation, procurement of construction or consultant services, regulation enforcement and compliance, real estate and commercial transactions and litigation.

  • Information departure

    Residents can access corporate reports and other documents at the Harry Lash Library in our main office at 4330 Kingsway. We facilitate information requests, maintain the corporate document management system and post agendas and reports for Metro Vancouver Board and Committee meetings.

  • First Nation Relations

    ​We support Metro Vancouver’s engagement with First Nations.  We assist the various Metro Vancouver operations to obtain an understanding of First Nations issues and concerns and develop policies and procedures that work to continually improve relations between Metro Vancouver communities and First Nations.

Contact Us

     Ralph Hildebrand, General Manager and Corporate Solicitor, Legal & Legislative departure